Research Commons

Located on 4/F, the designated "Silent Floor" of MMW Library, the Research Commons is composed of 62 individual study carrels which are available for advance booking via the Study Carrel Booking System.

Book a Research Commons Study Carrel Current Availability

Regular Study Carrels (35) Priority Study Carrels (27)
Eligibility of Usage and Booking EdUHK Students and Academic Staff
Length of Booking Session 2 hours
Compulsory Check In Time Check in on site within 15 minutes after the start of each session
Booking Quota No more than 6 active or booked sessions at the same time
Period of Advance Booking All EdUHK students and academic staff EdUHK postgraduate degree students # All other EdUHK students and academic staff
7 days in advance 14 days in advance 7 days in advance
# EdUHK postgraduate degree students = EdUHK students currently studying at Master or Doctoral level.

Equipment Provided
  • - Individual lighting and power outlets are provided in all study carrels
  • - Desktop PCs are provided at about one-third of the study carrels

Hours of Availability

SEN Students Priority Study Carrels
  • Two study carrels (SN1 and SN2) are designated for students with special educational needs. Booking of SN1 and SN2 can be cancelled at any time by the Library if they are needed by SEN students. Students with special needs can contact Mr. Hui at 29486687, email or contact the Circulation Counter on G/F for using the SEN Students Priority Study Carrels.

Rules for Using the Study Carrels

1. Absolute silence must be observed at all time within the Research Commons. Activities which may generate noises, including but not limited to discussion and conversation, are not allowed.
2. All study carrels are intended for private study only. Each study carrel should seat one user only.
3. Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off or set to silent mode at all times.
4. No eating and drinking is allowed in the study carrels.
5. Bookings cannot be transferred to other users.
6. All furniture and equipment such as chairs and table lamps must not be taken away from the study carrels or removed from one study carrel to another.
7. Users should keep the study carrels clean and tidy, and clear the study carrels before leaving.
8. Users should turn off the table lamp and the PC if they are not in use.
9. Users must not leave personal belongings in the study carrels unattended. The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

Enquiry and Assistance
  • Please contact Library Circulation Counter at 2948 6658 or email for assistance.