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Alerts keep you up-to-date with new articles on the topics that you are interested. By subscribing to the Alert Service, staff and students will receive notifications regularly of newly published journal articles on specific topics. The alert notifications will be generated automatically by major e-databases subscribed by the Library.

Library users can simply click to subscribe the feed, or if you want to receive the alert by email monthly, please tell us your EdUHK email address. Click here to follow the steps to set up RSS feed in your internet browser.

Community-based Art Education alert feed

Critical thinking skills of university students alert feed

Cultural policy and arts management alert feed

Curriculum and pedagogy in inclusive education alert feed

Cyberbullying alert feed

Effectiveness of classroom management alert feed

Gender gap in higher education alert feed

Global warming in Asia region alert feed

Integrating Technology into the early childhood classroom alert feed

Mobile learning and collaboration alert feed

Prevention of childhood obesity alert feed

Psychological aspects in social media alert feed

School health education alert feed

Swallowing disorders alert feed

Speech, language, communication disorders alert feed

Teacher identity alert feed

Teaching and learning ESL alert feed

Teaching children with dyslexia alert feed

Teaching students with ADHD alert feed

Video games and children alert feed

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