Dji Drone (More Expensive Semi-professional Model)

  • equipped with 4K camera
  • approx. 30 minutes max flight time
  • dual rear vision sensors in real time
  • create a 3D model of the environment


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Notes to Borrower of Drone

1 The borrower of drone must follow strictly the guidelines on “Safety in Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Flying” provided by the Civil Aviation Department of the HKSAR Government.
“Recklessly or negligently causing or permitting a model aircraft to endanger any person or property is liable to prosecution.”
  • Fly over populated and congested area
  • Fly over or close to any object or facility which will cause safety risk by the drone
  • Fly into airport areas or aircraft paths
  • Fly beyond 300 feet (90 metres) above ground level.
3 All operations must be for recreational purpose only and not for reward.
4 Fly during daylight hours only.
5 Drone flights are not allowed on EdUHK Campus.
6 The borrower must read carefully the drone user manual and follow all instructions provided in the manual. Additional safety tips provided by the drone manufacturer can be found at:
7 Areas restricted for flight by the drone manufacturer:


  1. Main Body with Gimbal
  2. Remote Controller
  3. User manual
  4. Propeller x 4
  5. Sony SD Card UHS-1 U3 16GB for 4K
  6. USB type A to USB mini AB
  7. Battery Charger
  8. Battery x 3
  9. Multi-functional Backpack

Enquiry and Assistance

Please contact our colleague Mr. Kevin Mak at 2948 6662 or email for details and assistance in advance.

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