Foldio 360 Turntable

A smart turntable to create 360-degree images.

Please contact Circulation Counter for loan and use inside the STEM Room.


  1. Foldio360 smart turntable x1
  2. DC Adapter(Foldio 360 smart turntable) x1
  3.  MT-03 Mini Tripod x1
  4.  Halo bar set(Magnetic lighting accessory composed of 2 Halo bars and 1 Connecting cable) x1
  5.  Muti function clip for phone and Ipad x1
  6.  AC-DC Adapter x1
  7.  AC-DC Cable x1
  8.  Foldio3 M2000R Cable x1
  9.  Foldable photo studio 25” (white backdrop x 1 and black backdrop x 1)