Qualitative Data Collection: Interview

Qualitative Data Collection: Interview
Goals & purposes:
Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to
(1) Define interviewing as a data collection method
(2) Distinguish between different types of interviews
(3) Formulate your interview questions
(4) Select your interview participants
(5) Plan and conduct your interviews
This online unit is about interviews. It defines interviewing as a data collection method and distinguishes between different types of interviews. Students will be able to formulate interview questions, select interview participants, and plan and conduct their interviews.
Date released:
January 2023
  • Video
Target population:
  • University students (undergraduate)
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Mode of learning:
  • Self-paced
  • Structured lessons
Learning platform:
  • Online
  • Face-to-face
  • Hybrid
  • English
Related projects:
  • FEHD Strategic Area (Learning and Teaching): Developing Teachers, Developing Futures [Funding from FEHD]
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