e-Orch for iPadOS

e-Orch for iPadOS
Goals & purposes:
(1). To create a music performance and creation app for the development of e-Orch (i.e. tablet orchestra)
(2). To enable creative music-making regardless of any musical backgrounds (i.e. lower the barrier of music-making)
(3). To nurture the future musicians with focuses on digital musicianship
(4). To promote collaborative music performance and composition to schools and communities

The project aims to lower the barriers of music-making, as well as to introduce a broad set of knowledge and skills, attributes and values to all participants regardless of their music background to produce Music for All.
e-Orch is one of the best music-making companions. Check out the award-winning Grid Notation, which makes music score-reading the easiest ever. Make music with various interface that is personalised for your use. Shape your music with the Expression Grid with simple finger gestures. Jam with your family and friends like a pro. Record and share your fantastic music performance with just a tap.

Innovative Grid Notation made score-reading easy:
~ Convenience built-in Grid scores reader
~ Direct import score in Grid Notation from the cloud-based software THE GRID
~ Significantly lower the barrier of music-making

Imitate interface to unleash your musical creativity:
~ Personalised keyboard modes and sizes, including isomorphic keyboard
~ Each instrument is designed with a unique handy control panel

Expression Grid enables you to play with performance techniques like a pro:
~ Delicate articulation and dynamic control with a set of simple gestures
~ Greater control on musical rudiments

Jam together in just one tap. Real orchestral experiences for everyone:
~ Real-time collaborative performance session
~ Fresh collection of instrument sounds with specific techniques
~ Tailormade for everyone, at anytime and anywhere

Record your playing, share with the World:
~ Built-in audio recording and export function

Please visit https://www.musidlab.com/e-orch for more information.
Date released:
January 2020
  • Mobile app

    App Store: https://apps.apple.com/my/app/e-orch/id1555654971

Target population:
  • University students (postgraduate)
  • University students (undergraduate)
  • School students (secondary)
  • School students (primary)
  • School students (kindergarten / nursery)
  • Lifelong learning
Related EdUHK courses:
  • MUS3266 - Principles & Practices of Music Education II
  • MUS2170 - Creativity in Music
  • MUS5336 - The Application of e-Learning in Mobile Music Creation
Mode of learning:
  • Self-paced
Learning platform:
  • Online
  • Face-to-face
  • Hybrid
  • English
Copyright & usage restrictions:
The students are welcome to download and use the mobile app from Google Play and App Store. The mobile app is owned by The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). The copyright and other intellectual property rights in all materials on the mobile app is owned by EdUHK.
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