Definition of Course Pack and Licenced Materials According to the Licence Agreements

A Course Pack is a compilation of photocopied extracts of Licenced Materials (for paper copies of Course Pack), or a compilation of extracts of Licenced Materials for scanning in the form of scan copies (for scan copies of Course Pack), designed in advance to be used in support of a course of study.

Licenced Materials refer to the works described in Schedule II of the respective Licence Agreements i.e. all literary, musical, dramatic or artistic Works, or a part of such works in original printed form, of which copies have been issued to the public whether in the form of a book, magazine, newspaper, journal, periodical or otherwise excluding all textbooks, all Works listed in Schedule IV of the respective Licence Agreements, and those works (if any) listed in writing by the HKRRLS and issued to the University in January and July of each year during the term of the Licence Agreements. The exclusion list and additions to the exclusion list shall not take effect until one month after written notification to the University.

Charging Schemes and Total Cost of Course Pack Proction
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