Food and Drink Policy

  1. The Lounge located on G/F of MMW Library and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (EI Hub) located on LP/F are designated by the Librarian to be the only library area which allows food and drinks consumption. Food and drinks must not be brought into and/or consumed in all other areas of the Library, including the Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Library.
  2. Food items allowed inside the Lounge and the EI Hub: Restricted to snack-size food items similar to those provided by the vending machines installed in the Lounge.
  3. Food items not allowed inside the Lounge and the EI Hub: Anything which is hot, aromatic, smelly, juicy or potentially messy is not allowed. Examples of food items not allowed include, but not limited to, meals of any kinds, hot food of any kinds, lunch boxes, noodles, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken, fish balls, shao mai, fries, fish and chips, soup, salads, cakes, ice-cream, etc.
  4. Drinks allowed inside the Lounge and the EI Hub: Non-alcoholic drinks in cans, paper packs, bottles, disposal cups with lids and other spill-proof containers. Water in spill-proof containers is allowed anywhere in the MMW Library and the TKOSC Learning Commons. Spill-proof containers include bottles with twist-on lids, sport bottles and thermos bottles.
  5. Food and drinks intended for consumption by more than one person, such as large bags of biscuits, crisps or big bottles of soft drink, are also not allowed in the Lounge.
  6. The Library has the full authority to determine which food and drink items are appropriate for consumption inside the Library. All food or drink items in doubt or dispute should be considered as not appropriate and hence are not allowed.
  7. Library users consumed food and drinks in the Lounge and the EI Hub must dispose of litter properly and immediately.