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"Old Bruin" Commodore Matthew C. Perry, 1794-1858 : the American naval officer who helped found Liberia, hunted pirates in the West Indies, practised diplomacy with the Sultan of Turkey--E182 .M67 1967
"This is Judy Woodruff at the White House"PN4874.W693 A36 1982
1848 年至 1850 年的法蘭西階級鬥爭DS272.5 .M3 1965
19th century French short storiesPQ1275 .A13 1966
20th century ChinaDS774 .C57 1967
A New England town : the first hundred years : Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1736F74.D3 L83 1970
A behavioral approach to historical analysisD16 .B46 1969
A book of English essaysPR922 .B66 1951
A clockwork orangePR6052.U638 C56 1963
A closer look at Ariel : a memory of Sylvia PlathPS3566.L27 Z9 1973
A concise dictionary of Middle EgyptianPJ1425 .F3 1962
A concise history of the Catholic ChurchBX945.2 .B64 1990
A documentary history of American economic policy since 1789HC103 .D63 1972
A documentary history of England. 1066-1540DA26 .B35 1966
A documentary history of the Mexican AmericansE184.M5 D63 1972
A free man's worship, and other essaysB1649.R93 P5 1976
A giant stepHD9688.U52 E4 1966
A glass face in the rain : new poemsPS3537.T143 G5 1982
A global perspective : source readings from world civilizationsPN6013 .G7 1989
A harsh and dreadful love : Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker MovementBX810 .M5 1973
A history of Latin AmericaF1410 .P4 1963
A history of Negro education in the South : from 1619 to the presentLC2801 .B95 1967
A history of Spain & PortugalDP66 .A9 1960
A history of Sparta, 950-192 B.C.DF261.S8 F67 1969
A history of the People's Democracies : Eastern Europe since StalinDJK50 .F4413 1974
A history of urban AmericaHT123 .G56 1967
A life in our times : memoirsHB119.G33 A34 1981
A linguistic study of the Cantonese verbPL1733 .K8 1971
A literary history of the ArabsPJ7510 .N5 1969
A modern comedyPR6013.A5 M53 1956
A new history of the cold warD840 .L8 1966
A people betrayed : November 1918 : a German revolution : a novelPT2607.O35 V413 1983
A pictorial history of western artN5302 .C45 1964
A portrait of English racismDA125.A1 D85 1973
A primer of book classification.Z696 .P56 1961
A purer taste : the writing and reading of fiction in English in nineteenth century CanadaPR9192.4 .G47 1989
A reader's guide to T.S. Eliot : a poem-by-poem analysisPS3509.L43 Z898 1953
A reformation debate : Sadoleto's letter to the Genevans and Calvin's replyBR301 .C3 1966
A restless people : Americans in rebellion, 1770-1787E163 .H36 1982
A short account of early Muslim architectureNA380 .C73 1958
A short history of AfricaDT20 .O45 1969
A short history of scientific ideas to 1900Q125 .S583 1965
A social and economic history of medieval EuropeHC240 .H58 1974
A soldier of the great warPS3558.E4775 S65 1991
A sourcebook of Canadian media lawKE4422 .M37 1994
A streetcar named desirePS3545.I5365 S88 1947
A treasury of great mysteriesPZ1 .T74 1957
A tremor of bliss : contemporary writers on the saintsBX2325 .T74 1995
A wild sheep chasePL856.U673 H5713 1989
Abraham Lincoln : the prairie years and the war yearsE457 .S25 1974
Academic freedom and academic anarchyLA227.3 .H66 1970
Adlai Stevenson, 1900-1965, of the United NationsE748.S84 A25 1965
Adult education : a plan for developmentLC5256.G7 A57 1973
Adult education in the Nordic countries : Nordic co-operation in the field of education : Denmark.LC5256.D46 A38 1976
Affirmation and dissent : Columbia's response to the crisis of World War ILD1222.9 .S9 1970
AfghanistanDS351.5 .D86 1980
Africa and AfricansDT20 .B6 1964
Africa in modern history : the search for a new societyDT29 .D37 1978
Africa in the days of explorationDT7 .A33 1965
Africa since 1800DT20 .O38 1967
African and Oceanic artN7397.W4 T7 1968
African heritage : an anthology of black African personality and culturePL8013.E5 A47 1964
Africans and their historyDT31 .H28 1972
Alaskan Eskimo education : a film analysis of cultural confrontation in the schoolsE99.E7 C67 1973
Alistair Cooke's AmericaE178 .C755 1973
All our children : the American family under pressureHQ536 .K43 1978
Alternative schools : the development of options in public educationLA217 .S68 1974
Ambassador's journal; a personal account of the Kennedy yearsE183.8.I4 G3 1969
America now : the anthropology of a changing cultureHN59 .H27 1981
America's families : a documentary historyHQ535 .A64 1982
America's rise to world power, 1898-1954E744 .D8 1963
American IndiansE93 .H35 1961
American Puritanism : faith and practiceF7 .R8 1970
American capitalism : its promise and accomplishmentHC103 .H33 1957
American counterpoint : slavery and racism in the North-South dialogueE185.61 .W85 1971
American diplomacy, 1900-1950E744 .K36 1951
American education : the colonial experience, 1607-1783LA215 .C73 1970
American farmers' movementsHD1761 .S48 1957
American folk tales and songs : and other examples of English-American tradition as preserved in the Appalachian Mountains and elsewhere in the United StatesGR105 .A64 1956
American nationalism, 1783-1830 : a self-portraitE301 .G78 1970
American studies in Malaysia : current state and future directionE156 .A435 1986
American themes : essays in historiographyE175 .A43 1968
American violence : a documentary historyE179 .A43 1971
An annotated bibliography of selected Chinese reference worksZ1035.8.C5 T44 1971
An economic history of the U.S.S.R.HC335 .N68 1982
An historical geography of RussiaHC333 .P36 1969
An introduction to contemporary historyD421 .B35 1967
An introduction to international lawJX3110.G6 I5 1957
An introduction to the history of the science of politicsJA81 .P84 1960
An outline of American HistoryE178.2 .W5 1969
Anarchism : and other essaysHX844 .G65 1969
Ancient China from the beginnings to the Empire;DS741.5 .G413 1968
Ancient empiresD57 .A54 1970
AngelsN8090 .S34 1955
Anti-intellectualism in American lifeE169.1 .H74 1970
Anti-memoirsPQ2625.A716 Z46313 1968
Approach to archaeologyCC75 .P5 1966
Archbishop Oscar Romero : a shepherd's diaryBX4705.R669 A3 1993
Army brat : a memoirPS3537.M8693 Z463 1982
Art treasures of the Vatican : architecture, painting, sculptureN2940 .A77 1978
Arthur's Britain : history and archaeology, AD 367-634DA152 .A7 1973
Aspects of death in early Greek art and poetryNX650.D4 V47 1979
Asya : a novelPR9199.3.I36 A9 1991
At dawn we slept : the untold story of Pearl HarborD767.92 .P73 1981
Atlas of Russian historyG2111.S1 G53 1984
Atlas of the Greek worldDF77 .L43 1980
Aug-14PG3488.O4 A9413 1974
AugustusDG279 .J64 1970
Background for man : readings in physical anthropologyGN60 .B34 1971
Basic history of American businessHC103 .C63 1959
Before civilization : the radiocarbon revolution and prehistoric EuropeGN803 .R46 1976
Beginning literary criticismPE1479.C7 H65 1987
Beliefs in societyB823.3 .H37 1971
Bernard of Clairvaux : between cult and historyBX4705.B5 B813 1996
Betrayal of the body : the psychology of fear and terrorRC569.5.S35 L78 1969
Beyond the printed word : --newsreel and broadcast reporting in Canada = Au-delà de l'écrit : --actualités filmées et reportages radio et télé diffusés au Canada.PN4784.B75 B49 1988
Black and white keysPR9199.3.H59 B4 1982
Black fire : an anthology of Afro-American writingPS508.N3 B33 1968
Black power : the politics of liberation in AmericaE185.615 .C35 1969
Body consciousness : you are what you feelBF697 .F484 1976
Both sides of the street : one man's life in business and the arts in CanadaPN4913.C47 A33 1983
Boys' life of John F. KennedyE842 .L43 1961
Bread and winePQ4841.I4 P313 1963
Bridging a continentF592 .H54 1971
Building a new country : the American experienceHC106.5 .C35 1966
Building a training system for the 1990s : a shared responsibility.HD5715.5.C2 O53 1989
Bureaucracy, aristocracy, and autocracy : the Prussian experience, 1660-1815JN4431 .R76 1966
Byzantine style and civilizationN6250 .R86 1975
Camerado : Hollywood and the American manPN1995.9.M46 S6 1978
Canada : a portraitHC115 .C35 1989
Canada at the polls, 1984 : a study of the federal general electionsJL193 .C344 1988
Canadian family history : selected readingsHQ559 .C35 2000
Canadian foreign policy : historical readingsF1034 .C245 1986
Canadian literature : introductory and critical essaysPR9184.3 .C35 1994
Canadian military history : selected readingsF1028 .C36 1993
Canadian public financeHJ793 .S65 1992
Canadian social trendsHN103.5 .C27 1990
Capitalism & slaveryHC254.5 .W5 1966
Capitalism and underdevelopment in Latin America : historical studies of Chile and BrazilHC165 .F68 1967
CarthageDT168 .W3 1964
Cathedral : the story of its constructionNA4830 .M32 1982
Causal inferences in nonexperimental researchH61 .B48 1972
Celebration of awareness : a call for institutional revolutionHM101 .I45 1976
Century of struggle : the woman's rights movement in the United StatesHQ1410 .F64 1975
Changes in the land : Indians, colonists, and the ecology of New EnglandGF504.N45 C76 1983
ChangingPN2768.U4 A3213 1978
Changing views on British history : essays on historical writing since 1939DA1 .C43 1966
ChaucerPR1851 .C63 1963
Children's issues.HV907.C22 O63 1995
China & Russia : the "great game"DS740.5.R8 C63 1971
China! Inside the People's RepublicDS777.55 .C636 1972
Chinabound : a fifty-year memoirDS734.9.F3 A33 1982
Chinese rhyme-prose : poems in the fu form from the Han and Six Dynasties periodsPL2658.E3 W34 1971
Chou En-lai : China's gray eminenceDS778.C593 H8 1969
Chushingura (The treasury of loyal retainers)PL794.6.K3 E5 1971
Cities in the wilderness : the first century of urban life in America, 1625-1742.E191 .B75 1964
City : a story of Roman planning and constructionTA16 .M33 1982
Civil rights and civil libertiesJC599.U5 L8 1968
Civilization and its discontentsBF173 .F6813 1962
Civilization, past and presentCB69 .C57 1960
Classics of eastern thoughtDS12 .C57 1991
Climbing Jacob's ladder : the arrival of Negroes in Southern politicsJK1929.A2 W3 1967
Colonial and federal to 1800PS507 .C65 1978
Combat in the erogenous zoneHQ75.6.U5 B46 1973
Comenius and contemporary education : an international symposiumLB475.C6 C6 1970
Commonwealth vs. Sacco and VanzettiKF224.S2 C66 1958
Companion to Chaucer studiesPR1924 .C66 1968
Comparative perspectives on social psychologyHM251 .C667 1971
Comparative politics : notes and readingsJF51 .C66 1968
Complete poetry and selected prose of John Milton.PR3553 .M54 1942
Complete stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.PS2600 .F66 1966
Concerning the city of God against the pagans.BR65.A64 E5 1972
Conflict or consensus in American historyE661 .C75 1966
Confucius confounded : the analects of Lee Kuan YewDS610.73.L46 C66 2010
Conqueror of the world : the life of Chingis-KhanDS22 .G7513 1966
Contemporary isms : a political economy perspectiveJF51 .M446 1982
Contemporary political theoryJA71 .C54 1970
Cosmos, Earth, and man : a short history of the universeQB981 .C635 1978
CouplesPS3571.P4 C6 1968
Crossroads of modern warfareD431 .M5 1983
Custer died for your sins : an Indian manifestoE93 .D36 1969
Daddy King : an autobiographyBX6449.K56 A3 1980
Dark tears larmes d'encre yau : 墨淚
Dawn of the Middle AgesD117 .G73 1981
Democratic manifestoJC423 .P3613 1962
Dialectical anthropology : essays in honor of Stanley DiamondGN492 .D53 1992
Differentiation of the Confucian elite and modernization in nineteenth century China : a sociological approachDS761 .L596 1976
Dilemmas of schooling : teaching and social changeLA637 .B47 1981
Dinosaur in a haystack : reflections in natural historyQH366.2 .G659 1997
DisraeliDA564.B3 B6 1967
Divided we stand : institutional religion as a reflection of pluralism and integration in AmericaBL2530.U6 A53 1978
Divorce and remarriage for Catholics?BX2250 .K34 1976
Documentary history of Eastern EuropeDR1 .D64 1970
Documentation concerning university reform, 1968-69LA728. W47 1969
Early medievalN5975 .H35 1972
East Asian medicine in urban Japan : varieties of medical experienceR624 .L64 1984
East to west : a journey round the worldG440 .T68 1958
Eastern European government and politicsJN96 .B4 1966
Economy and society in ancient GreeceHC37 .F56 1983
Edouard Manet (1832-1883)ND553.M3 F33 1954
Educability, schools and ideologyLC191 .E375 1974
Education and nation-building in AfricaLA1501 .E38 1965
Education and the threat of nuclear warU263 .E38 1985
Education automation : freeing the scholar to return to his studiesLB885 .F84 1971
Education for sustainable development toolkitHC79.E5 M254 1999
Education in ancient Rome : from the elder Cato to the younger PlinyLA81 .B56 1977
Education in the Hungarian People's RepublicLA681 .B73 1970
Education statistics, Ontario.L222.O6 E38
Educational administration in CanadaLB2890 .G54 1990
Educational developments in Asia and Oceania : a graphic presentationLA1052 .E37 1978
Educators on excellence : steps toward real reform.LB1775 .E39 1988
Egil's sagaPT7269.E3 E57 1976
Egyptian grammar : being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphsPJ1135 .G37 1957
Elizabeth the GreatDA355 .J45 1958
Encyclopedia of American historyE174.5 .E53 1970
End of the chapterPR6013.A5 E6 1970
Engineering in the ancient worldT16 .L36 1978
England in the late Middle Ages : (1307-1536)DA175 .M9 1956
England in the twentieth century, 1914-63DA566 .T5 1965
England in transition : life and work in the eighteenth centuryHN382 .G4 1953
English lessons
English mystery plays : a selectionPR1260 .E53 1975
EsperantoPM8213 .C75 1968
Essays and New AtlantisPR2206 .Z4 1969
Essays on educational research : methodology, testing, and applicationLB1028 .E64 1983
Essential Vietnamese phrase bookPL4375 .E88 2003
Ethics since 1900.BJ319 .W37 1966
Europe : grandeur and declineD359 .T28 1967
Europe in figures.HC241.2 .E823 1992
European expansion and the counter-example of Asia, 1300-1600D210 .E97 1967
European paintings in German art galleries.ND1249 .E9713 1961
European society and politicsJF51 .R56 1970
Evaluation of the second language learning (French) programs in the schools of the Ottawa and Carleton Boards of EducationPC2068.O57 M67 1986
Everything to gain : making the most of the rest of your lifeE873.2 .C375 1987
Evolution from space : a theory of cosmic creationismQH371 .H68 1981
Excursions into mathematicsQA39.2 .B42 1967
Explaining America : the federalistJK155 .W54 1982
ExpressionistsND1265 .G74 1966
Families of the world : family life at the close of the twentieth centuryHQ518 .T6813 1988
Fear of fifty : a midlife memoirPS3560.O56 Z468 1995
Felix Frankfurter and his times : the reform yearsKF8745.F7 P37 1982
Feudal societyD131 .B513 1961
Five hundred years of printingZ124 .S84 1966
Five years of the new societyHN717 .M365 1978
Foundations of literacy policy in CanadaLC154 .F68 1990
Four major plays of ChikamatsuPL793.4 .A6 1964
Frankish institutions under CharlemagneJN2334 .G353 1970
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940E806 .L475 1963
Freedom to starveBX4705.G16 A313 1972
French liberal thought in the eighteenth century : a study of political ideas from Bayle to CondorcetJA84.F8 M3 1963
From humanism to science, 1480-1700CB401 .M3613 1978
From isolation to war, 1931-1941E806 .W53 1968
From slavery to public service : Robert Smalls, 1839-1915E185.97.S6 U93 1971
From the Gracchi to Nero: a history of Rome from 133 B.C. to A.D. 68DG254 .S35 1970
Frozen tombs of Siberia : the Pazyryk burials of Iron Age horsemenGN796 .R7813 1970
Geoffrey Chaucer : lectures delivered in 1932 on the William J. Cooper Foundation in Swarthmore CollegePR1924 .L63 1934
George Washington Carver : the man who overcameS417.C3 E4 1966
Glass through the agesNK5106 .H3 1970
Glimpses of SiberiaDK756 .R3513 1972
God and the stateHX833 .B313 1970
God still speaks : the basis of Christian educationBT127.2 .M59 1967
God's menPS3503.U198 G5 1951
Gods, graves, and scholars : the story of archaeologyCC100 .C4213 1972
Government lawlessness in AmericaKF9223.A75 G68 1971
Great American short storiesPS648.S5 G74 1957
Great English short storiesPR1309.S5 G74 1957
Great French short storiesPQ1278 .G74 1960
Great German short storiesPZ1.S755 Gr 1960
Great Irish short storiesPR8876 .G74 1964
Great Jewish short storiesPN6071.J6 G84 1963
Great Russian short storiesPG3286 .G74 1958
Great Spanish short storiesPQ6267.E8 Gr 1962
Greek realities : life and thought in ancient GreeceDF77 .H67 1967
Greek science, its meaning for usQ127.G7 F3 1961
Guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.N610 .A67 1972
Guidelines for assessing accommodation requirements for persons with disabilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1981, as amended.HV1559.C3 G86 1989
H. G. WellsPR5776 .P3 1977
Half way there : report on the British comprehensive school reformLA635 .B46 1972
Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world : a novelPL856.U673 S4513 1991
Harvard guide to American historyZ1236 .H37 1974
Havoc, in its third yearPR6052.E5315 H385 2004
He called them by the lightning : a teacher's odyssey in the Negro South, 1908-1919E185.93.S8 B43 1967
Heavens on earth : utopian communities in America, 1680-1880HX653 .H66 1966
Henry VIIIDA332 .S25 1968
Higher education in Romania, 1860-1990 : between academic mission, economic demands and political controlLA977 .S33 1990
Higher education in the United States : how is American education responding to the needs created by the explosion of population and expansion of knowledge?LB2301 .C64 1960
Himalayan art : wall-painting and sculpture in Ladakh, Lahaul, and Spiti, the Siwalik Ranges, Nepal, Sikkim, and BhutanN7307.H5 S56 1968
Historians at workD6 .H57 1972
Historic decisions of the Supreme CourtKF4549 .S9 1958
Historical interpretationDA1 .B27 1965
History and societyD13 .F37 1964
History of HungaryDB925 .S5 1959
History of Indian and Indonesian artN7260 .C65 1965
Home to war : a history of the Vietnam veterans' movementDS559.62.U6 N53 2004
Honourable mentions : the uncommon diary of an M.P.F1034.3.M24 A3 1986
Hormones : chemical communicatorsQP801.H7 L47 1972
How I grewPS3525.A1435 Z468 1987
How Ottawa decides : planning and industrial policy-making 1968-1980HC115 .F84 1984
How the Soviet system works : cultural, psychological, and social themesDK266 .B26 1964
How they saw the new worldE101 .L45 1966
How to save your own life : a novelPS3560.O56 H78 1977
Hume's moral and political philosophyB1455 .A7 1972
IgnorancePQ2671.U47 I3613 2002
Immigrants at schoolLC3747.G7 B45 1970
Imperial America : the international politics of primacyE840 .L57 1967
Imperialism at bay : the United States and the decolonization of the British Empire, 1941-1945D753 .L67 1978
In retrospect : the history of a historianE175.5.S37 A3 1963
In school : our kids, our teachers, our classroomsLA416 .D79 1996
In search of history : a personal adventurePN4874.W517 A34 1978
In the beginningPG3485.5.A875 Z468 1991
In the footsteps of Eve : the mystery of human originsGN281 .B47 2000
Industrialism and the American worker, 1865-1920HD8072 .D846 1975
Information feudalism : who owns the knowledge economy?K1401 .D728 2003
Intellectual origins of American radicalismE183 .L98 1982
Interdisciplinary approaches to Canadian society : a guide to the literatureF1021.2 .I68 1990
International languages : intermediate and senior divisions 1990.PB38.C2 I578 1990
Introducing genealogyCS16 .W55 1961
Introducing the BibleBS475.2 .H84 1981
Introduction to socialization : human culture transmittedGN510 .W54 1972
Investing for income : a guide to earning top interest on your savingsHG5152 .A74 1996
Iran, from the earliest times to the Islamic conquestDS275 .G4813 1954
Is liberation theology for North America? : the response of First World churches to Third World theologies.BT83.57 .T44 1978
Isaac Asimov's The rocky planets.PB601 .A75 1994
IslamBP161 .G87 1956
Ivan III and the unification of RussiaDK100 .G73 1973
Ivan PavlovBF109.P38 G73 1980
Jacksonian America : society, personality, and politics.E338 .P47 1969
Jacksonian democracy : myth or reality?E381 .J33 1962
James FitzGibbon : defender of Upper CanadaF1032.F58 M35 1983
Jane Addams of Hull House, 1860-1935 : a centenary studyHV28.A35 T5 1961
Japan's foreign relations : a global search for economic securityHF1601 .J376 1985
Jesus : an historian's review of the GospelsBT301.2 .G68 1977
John Calvin : selections from his writingsBX9420.A32 D54 1971
Joshua then and nowPR9199.3.R5 J6 1989
JubileePR6063.A1658 P79 1993
Justice : the crisis of law, order, and freedom in AmericaKF5107 .H37 1970
Karamzin's memoir on ancient and modern Russia : a translation and analysisDK71 .K34313 1981
Kennedy : special counsel to the late presidentE842 .S56 1966
Kenya and the World Bank Group.HC517.K4 K45 1973
Khrushchev and the Soviet leadership, 1957-1964DK275.K5 L5 1966
Kievan RussiaDK73 .V47 1980
King George IIIDA506.A2 B75 1974
Kipling : a selection of his stories and poemsPR4852 .B4 1956
La vita nuova of Dante AlighieriPQ4315.58 .M8 1971
Landmarks of American writingPS15 .L3 1978
Larousse encyclopedia of archaeologyCC165 .A64213 1987
Latin America : the hopeful optionF1414.2 .F713 1978
Latin unseens with accompanying exercisesPA2087 .C43 1935
LazarusPR9619.3.W4 L39 1990
Lectures on modern history.D210 .A27 1960
Les misérablesPQ2286 .A31 1994
Letters from an American farmer : and, Sketches of eighteenth-century AmericaE163 .S73 1981
Liberty and justiceKF4549 .L53 1965
Life and labor in ancient Mexico : the brief and summary relation of the Lords of New SpainF1219 .Z9413 1963
Life beyond Earth : the intelligent Earthling's guide to life in the universeQB54 .F34 1980
Life of the party : the memoirs of Eddie Goodman.F1034.3.G66 A3 1988
Life with uncle : the Canadian-American relationshipE183.8.C2 H64 1981
Light in AugustPS3511.A86 L56 1959
Lives of the noble GreeksDE7.P7 F8 1959
Lives of the noble RomansDE7.P7 F83 1959
Lord of the dancePS3557.R358 L67 1985
Louis XI, the universal spiderDC106 .K4 1971
Louis XIV and twenty million FrenchmenDC129 .G6713 1972
Love and willBF692 .M34 1972
Luce and his empirePN4874.L76 S9 1972
Lyndon, an oral biographyE847 .M54 1981
MainlandPR6063.A1658 M3 1992
Man : his first two million years : a brief introduction to anthropologyGN24 .M58 1969
Man and the stateJC261 .M35 1951
Man's fate
Man, myth & magic : an illustrated encyclopedia of the supernaturalBF1411 .M25 1970
Manifestations of discontent in Germany on the eve of the ReformationDD174 .M36 1971
Martin Luther : selections from his writingsBR331.E5 D5 1961
Medieval Western civilization and the Byzantine and Islamic worlds : interaction of three culturesCB351 .G37 1979
Medieval mythsPN667 .G55 1977
Meditations in greenPS3573.R5433 M4 1983
MemoirsDK275.S25 A3 1990
Memoirs of a revolutionistHX915 .K95 1971
Memories, dreams, reflectionsBF109.J8 A313 1977
Mental illness and the religious lifeRC455 .V38 1962
Mindfulness in the marketplace : compassionate responses to consumerism edited by Allan Hunt Badiner.BQ4570.E25 M56 2002
Missionary medicine in China : a study of two Canadian Protestant missions in China before 1937RA990.C63 G833 1988
Modern Chinese stories and novellas, 1919-1949PL2658.E8 M6 1981
Modern historians on British history, 1485-1945 : a critical bibliography, 1945-1969.Z2016 .E44 1970
MohammedBP75 .R5713 1976
Movie-made America : a cultural history of American moviesPN1993.5.U6 S53 1975
Mr. Rigoletto : in conversation with Louis QuilicoML420.Q6 A5 1999
MuḥammadBP75.13 .R613 1980
Multiculturalism and race relations in your community.F1035.A1 M85 1989
Murther & walking spirits : a novelPR9199.3.D3 M87 1991
Music in Elizabethan EnglandML286.2 .M35 1958
My heart laid barePS3565.A8 M89 1998
My life between Japan and AmericaE840.8.R45 A3 1986
My life with Martin Luther King, JrE185.97.K5 K5 1969
Mycenae-Epidaurus, Argos-Tiryns-Nauplion : a complete guide to the museums and archaeological sites of the ArgolidDF221.A78 I25 1978
Mysticism : old and newBV5083 .H57 1946
Myths of the Greeks and RomansBL722 .G7 1962
Nat Turner's slave rebellion : together with the full text of the so-called "confessions" of Nat Turner made in prison in 1831F232.S7 A8 1968
Nation-building and citizenship : studies of our changing social orderHM271 .B38 1969
National Museum : illustrated guide to the MuseumN2422 .K37 1977
National politics and community in CanadaJL15 .N38 1986
Nepal : art treasures from the HimalayasN7307.N4 W313 1970
New approaches to education of children of pre-school age : report of a Regional Meeting of Experts, Bangkok, 4-12 September 1978.LB1140.25.A13 N49 1979
New concise atlas of the universeQB44.2 .M65 1982
New lives for old : cultural transformation--Manus, 1928-1953DU520 .M43 1956
New world writing.PN6014 .N457 1959
Nezha stirs up the sea : based on a cartoon film under the same titlePZ10.84.L556 Ne C5 1980
No bigger than necessary : an alternative to socialism, capitalism, and anarchismBT738 .G67 1977
Nomads of the long bow : the Siriono of eastern BoliviaF3320.2.S5 H65 1969
Non-violent resistance (Satyagraha)HM1281 .G35 1961
None dare call it treasonE743.5 .S8 1964
Nuclear nightmares : an investigation into possible warsUF767 .C264 1981
Occupied America : the Chicano's struggle toward liberationE184.M5 A63 1972
On being humanHM106 .M65 1951
On education : the ideals of education, chapter five of The politics of Woodrow Wilson ; selections from his speeches and writingsLB2325 .W5 1958
On politics and educationJC153 .L79 1947
On the opposition, 1921-27JN6598.K7 S713 1974
On the way to KrsnaBL1220 .B445 1973
One half the people : the fight for woman suffrageJK1896 .S36 1975
One soldier's story 1939-1945 : from the fall of Hong Kong to the defeat of the JapanD805.J3 M24 2002
Oral history : an introduction for studentsD16.14 .H66 1979
Origins of American political thought : selected readingsJA84.U5 O75 1967
Our environment, our health : healthy ecosystems, healthy communities, healthy workplaces.RA566.5.C3 O87 1993
Out of my life and thought : an autobiographyCT1098.S45 A28213 1949
Out of our past : the forces that shaped modern AmericaE178 .D37 1970
Paediatric priorities in the developing worldRJ47 .M58 1977
Painting in Florence and Siena after the Black Death : the arts, religion, and society in the mid-fourteenth centuryND621.F7 M4 1978
Papal sin : structures of deceitBX1765.2 .W54 2000
Parties and politics in the early republic, 1789-1815 Morton Borden.E310 .B65 1967
Party politics in CanadaJL195 .P37 1985
Pathways : a study of labour market experiences and transition patterns of high school leavers.HD6276.C32 P38 1989
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