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Educational Assessment

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教育局 — 學校表現評量

教育局 — 學校教育質素保證



Clearninghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
Provide information concerning educational assessment, evaluation and research methodology.

Educational Assessment Australia (EAA)
EAA specialises in large-scale assessment and measurement programs including the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). ICAS are conducted annually in Australia and over 20 countries globally. EAA is an education group of UNSW Global Pty Limited, a not-for-profit provider of education, training and advisory services and a wholly owned enterprise of the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

EURYDICE - Information on Education Systems and Policies in Europe
Eurydice is an institutional network for gathering, monitoring, processing and circulating reliable and readily comparable information on education systems and policies throughout Europe. It provides a vast source of information, including detailed descriptions and overviews of national education systems, comparative thematic studies, statistics, reference materials and tools related to education.

National Council on Measurement in Education
A professional organization for individuals involved in assessment, evaluation, testing, and other aspects of educational measurement.

National Foundation for Educational Research
This website provides reports on several pieces of research relevant to practitioners and educators, e.g. assessment, professional development and research methods & statistics.

Rasch Measurement Transactions
The website provides access to the content of the e-journal RMT.

Student Evaluation of Teaching
Student evaluation of teaching in Stanford University.

Teacher Evaluation
A range of resources on the topic, including essays, references and sample forms.

UNESCO International Bureau of Education – World Data on Education
The database contains information on education systems of 161 countries worldwide, with a particular emphasis on curricula and curriculum development processes. It also provides selected links to a range of official information sources on education.