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Education (Hong Kong) – Docs. & Stats.

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Census and Statistics Department - Education Statistics in Hong Kong
The site provides official statistics compiled by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) and other government departments.

Director of Audit’s Reports - Education
A full list of Director of Audit’s reports related to Hong Kong education is provided.

EDB - Consultation Papers
The consultation papers issued by the Education Bureau are provided.

EDB - Curriculum Documents and Reports
Curriculum documents and reports related to kindergarten, primary and secondary education are provided.

EDB - Figures and Statistics
The site offers key statistics on kindergarten, primary, secondary and special education and general information on education in Hong Kong. Useful links to education statistics published by other government departments and related organizations are provided.

EDB - Language Proficiency Requirement for Teachers
The site contains information about language proficiency requirement for teachers, which includes background, exemption, assessment, syllabus, results and certificates.

EDB - Publications & Reports
The website provides major reports and research report abstracts related to Hong Kong education.

Education Commission Reports and Consultation Documents
The site provides education commission reports and consultation documents.

Intellectual Property Department - Guidelines on Photocopying of Printed Works by Not-for-profit Educational Establishments

University Grants Committee – Publications
The website provides publications related to higher education sector and major report from the University Grants Committee.

University Grants Committee – Statistics
Statistics about Hong Kong higher education such as general information, research project, students, graduate, staff and grants/finance are provided.