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家長智Net (Smart Partent Net)





Chinese Educational Resources Information Centre (Chinese-ERIC)
The aim of C-ERIC project is to establish an electronic database of educational studies in Chinese communities. C-ERIC includes theses/dissertations, journal articles and research materials.

EDB – Applied Learning
Applied Learning is a component of the new senior secondary curriculum. Information about Applied Learning courses under the new academic structure is provided. The site also includes references, resources and useful websites.

New Academic Structure 334 Web Bulletin 新學制「334」網上簡報
The website provides updated and comprehensive information on the new academic structure. Information is divided into seven categories – “Curriculum”, “Assessment”, “Learning and Teaching”, “School Curriculum Planning”, “Publications and Multimedia Information”, “Multiple Pathways” and “Related Activities”. A one-stop access to teaching resources of different NSS subjects is included.

New Academic Structure Web Bulletin 新學制網上簡報
The website provides updated and comprehensive information on curriculum, assessment, learning & teaching resources and school curriculum planning, etc.

NSS School Information Network 新高中學校資訊站
The site contains the latest information about secondary schools’ preparation and planning for the NSS curriculum.

Quality Education Fund Cyber Resource Centre
The site provides updated information of Quality Education Fund projects and their deliverables.