Subject Guide to WWW Resources

Education (Overseas) – Depts. & Orgs.

Please note that the URL addresses listed below may be changed and therefore inaccessible.

Australian Government Department of Education
The official web site of Australian Government on Education and provides all aspects of education resources of Australia such as reports, researches and statistical information etc.

Board of Studies – New South Wales, Australia
The web site provides essential educational resources for Australian teachers and students in New South Wales.

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
The official web site of Council of Ministers of Education in Canada. Besides providing various information on education including research and statistics, it also provides all links to educational departments and ministries of all provinces.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development – Victoria, Australia
The web site contains all aspects of education resources relating to Victoria State in Australia.

Department for Education – UK
The website offers a wide range of information about the UK education system.

The EFA 2000 Assessment : Country Reports
Sponsored by the World Education Forum and UNESCO, the Education for All (EFA) 2000 Assessment is an extraordinarily in-depth evaluation of basic education in some 180 countries.

The Ministry of Education – New Zealand
The web page provides information ranging from education systems to statistics and annual report on the education in New Zealand.

Ministry of Education – Ontario, Canada
The web site provides a wide variety of information relating to the Ontario’s education system.

Ministry of Education – Singapore
The Ministry of Education in Singapore directs the formulation and implementation of education policies. The site provides useful resources and information relating to education in Singapore.

National Center for Education Statistics
The site provides numerous publications and data related to education in the US and other nations. These include early releases, issue briefs, statistical reports, directories, and handbooks of standard terminology.

Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)
The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) is a non-ministerial government department for standards of achievement and quality of education through regular independent inspection, public reporting and informed independent advice in England.

U.S. Department of Education
Offers a range and an ever-growing collection of information about the Department, including their publications, speeches, research, statistics and other useful sites related to education.