Subject Guide to WWW Resources

Food, Culture and Lifestyles

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Association for the Study of Food and Society
The Association is a multidisciplinary international organization dedicated to exploring the complex relationships among food, culture, and society.

Bibliography : Food and Culture
This website provides a bibliography on scholarly studies of anthropology of food and culture.

Critical Studies in Food and Culture
This website provides information of interest to researchers investigating food and cultural studies, as well as the critical analysis of eating practices and broader cultures of consumption.

Culture and Society of Hong Kong: A Bibliography
The aim of this bibliography is to facilitate research on Hong Kong by categorizing selected academic publications on the social and cultural anthropology of Hong Kong.

International Commission on the Anthropology of Food
The Commission aims to promote and coordinate collaboration and research in biological and social anthropology in regard to the sciences of food and nutrition, fostering in particular a pluridisciplinary approach.

Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
The society encourage research and exchange of ideas, theories, methods and scientific information relevant to understanding the socio-cultural, behavioral and political-economic factors related to anthropology, food and nutrition.