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HK Resources – Government & Politics

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一國兩制研究中心 One Country two Systems Research Institute

知識產權署 Intellectual Property Department

Basic Law
Includes the Basic Law full text, Court Judgments and other information related to Basic Law.

Central Policy Unit
Provides an alternative source of advice to the Chief Executive, the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Financial Secretary. The CPU undertakes in-depth examination of complex policy issues, analyses options and recommends practical solutions.

Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)
Provides all relevant information and statistics related to CEPA.

Government Departments and Related Organisations
Directory with links to Government Departments and agencies. Other organisations such as Equal Opportunities Commission, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and Independent Commission Against Corruption are also included.

Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette
Includes Main Gazette, Legal Supplements No 1 to 6 in the web site. Search function is also available using title, department or issuing officer/ authority both in Chinese and English.

Links to Hong Kong statistics, fact sheets, press releases and overseas offices of the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Hong Kong Government Report Online 1842-1941
It is a full-text database providing online access to pre-World War II issues of government publications.

Hong Kong Housing Home Page
This is a comprehensive housing database of housing policy documents (1984-1999), Hong Kong Housing Authority papers and press releases, housing statistics, etc.

The Hong Kong Libraries Gateway
The website is a directory providing information on various types of libraries in Hong Kong. It includes over 900 libraries organized by library name, type and location.

Hong Kong Statistics
It presents key statistics of Hong Kong. Both back issuess and latest issue of Hong Kong Annual Digest of Statistics are provided.

The Laws of Hong Kong – Bilingual Laws Information System
Statutory Laws of Hong Kong and selected constitutional documents searchable on the web.

Legislative Council
The main functions of the Legislative Council are to enact laws; examine and approve budgets, taxation and public expenditure; and monitor the work of the Government.

Political Groups

Civic Party 公民黨
Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong 民建聯
Democratic Party 民主黨
Hong Kong Alliance 香港支聯會
Hong Kong Democratic Foundation 香港民主促進會
Liberal Party 自由黨
Savantas Policy Institute 匯賢智庫