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Inclusive Education

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香港教育城 — 融合教育協作網絡

Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education – Western University, Canada
This website includes information on the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education team members, including their research interests and recent publications. In addition, it presents research results as well as descriptions of current projects that are underway at the Centre.

Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education (CSNSIE)
The Centre is concerned with supporting teachers and parents and the Government in the move towards inclusive schools for Hong Kong, and in supporting schools to provide equal opportunities for all children regardless of levels of ability or disability.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE)
CSIE is an independent organisation working towards the inclusion of all pupils with disabilities or learning difficulties in ordinary schools and the gradual closure of all special schools. From its base in Bristol, UK, the Centre provides information and advice about inclusive education and related issues.

Enabling Education Network
EENET provides access to expertise and experience in the practice of inclusive education world wide by sharing relevant information and experience from the web.

Florida Inclusion Network
It provides learning opportunities, consultation, information and support to educators, families, and community members resulting in the inclusion of all students.

Inclusion and Equality
The website brings together a wide range of information, publications, sharing practice and useful resources on inclusive education.

Parents for Inclusive Education
Parents for Inclusive Education is a group of parents and advocates who want to see Inclusion become a viable option for all children with disabilities in New York City.