Subject Guide to WWW Resources

English Language Teaching

Please note that the URL addresses listed below may be changed and therefore inaccessible.

Activities for ESL students
A useful web site with quizzes, exercises and puzzles to help students learn English as a Second Language.

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
The Center supports research, training, development, and dissemination of information related to second language teaching, learning and assessment.

Dave’s ESL Cafe
It’s a good place for teachers especially. This site contains a lot of helpful areas such as the Idea Page and Discussion Center. Other people on the net write in with their ideas and problems and get responses.

Edufind : Education resources web site for grammar
EduFind is operated by the Digital Education Network (DEN). The site provides Online English Grammar and interactive games to learn English language.

English as a Second Language
This site links a variety of ESL materials.

English Club
Includes a lot of English learning activities and resources for learning and teaching English.

Hong Kong Education City Resources Library
Provides lesson plans, worksheets, classroom activities, exercises, educational software and websites for the teaching and learning of English language from Pre K to Form 7.

The National Council of Teachers of English
Provides information on the teaching and learning of English and the language arts as well as resources for English teachers at all levels.

Selected Links for ESL & EFL Students
Introduces students to some of the best links that they will find immediately interesting and useful.

Standing Committee on Language Education & Research
Provides educators and researchers with useful information on research related to language education in Hong Kong.

TeachingEnglish (British Council)
TeachingEnglish is produced by the British Council with content and editorial support from the British Broadcasting Corporation. It aims to promote English, supporting English language teaching (ELT) and providing information and access to ELT products, services and expertise from the UK. All teaching material on the site is free to access.

This site specializes in English, Drama and Media Studies teaching resources at UK primary and secondary school level.

TEFL.NET ESL Lesson Plans
Provides classroom ideas and activities for ESL teachers.

Useful Websites for English Language Learning and Teaching (Secondary)
Many useful websites for English Language Teaching and Learning are provided by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR.

Web English Teacher
The web site allows teachers to use the advantage of online technology to share ideas and to benefit from the work of others. Beginning teachers can find guidance and experienced teachers can find inspiration from the resources available here.