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Science Education

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科學人雜誌 Scientific American (中文版)


香港教育城 -- 化學科教師專業發展交流平台

香港教育城 -- 物理廊

香港教育城 -- 香港生物支援網

香港教育城 -- 理化遊樂園 ISLand

教育局 -- 科學教育

BBC Learning Site - Science & Nature
The site covers science and nature topics of general interests such as animals, climate change, human body and life, prehistoric life and space. It also provides nature’s calendar, TV and radio programmes and resources for online learning.

Hong Kong Observatory
Apart from providing weather forecasts, the site is also an excellent place to learn about weather in different aspects such as satellite imagery, rainfall distribution map and TV Weather Program. In addition, articles
featuring topics in Aviation Meteorology, Weather Satellites, and Time Service and Astronomy can be found in the Education Resources Link.

Information for chemistry teachers
This site is developed by the Faculty of Education, CUHK. The main focus is to
provide teachers and educators resources related to chemistry curriculum.
There are various chemistry experiments and examples, as well as downloadable materials on teaching and learning chemistry.

Institute of Physics Online Journals
Journal topics cover various aspects of Physics, from Physics Education to High Energy and Nuclear Physics. Journal titles are categorized by subjects as well as by titles. Journal archive contains articles dating back to 1890s. Full-texts of journal articles are freely available within 30 days of publication.

Physical Society of Hong Kong
The sites provide useful links to Online Electronic Journals in Physics and prominent Physics Societies and Organizations all over the world.