All loans with a loan period of 14 days or more may be renewed up to the maximum loan period unless a hold or a recall has been placed.

Borrowers can renew their loans in person or online via the Library System anytime before the due date.

The new due date is calculated from the date of renewal.

Overdue items are not renewable


Automatic Renewal

Three days before the due date, if the borrower does not take any action to return or renew an item, Alma will automatically renew the item for the borrower.  However, please be aware Automatic Renewal will only apply to EdUHK Library items with loan period of 14 days or more.  Alma also may not be able to renew an item automatically for different reasons, including but not limited to:
(i) the item has reached its “Maximum Loan Period after Renewals”, i.e. 56 days for 14-day loan items, 120 days for 30-day loan items, 360 days for 90-day loan items; or
(ii) recall/hold has been placed on the item; or
(iii) the item is a Reserve book; or
(iv) the item is a HKALL book.  If Alma cannot automatically renew an item, the borrower will receive a due date reminder 3 days in advance and the item must be returned on or before the due date.

Additional Reminder on the Due Date
In addition to receiving a due date reminder 3 days in advance, the borrower will also receive another reminder on the due date.  The borrower should return the item as soon as possible.

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