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Library Skills Workshops

Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Sources of Information 
Last update: Sep 2019

Briefing on Library Support for VR, AR and E-learning Resources Production
Last update: Sept 2019

Discovering Journal Metrics
Last update: Nov 2019

Exploring iSearch   
Last update: Sept 2020

Finding Dissertations 
Last update: Jan 2020

Finding Hong Kong History 
Last update: Mar 2019

Learning RefWorks - the Web-based Bibliographic Management Tool 
Last update: Sept 2020

Locating News Resources 
Last update: Oct 2018

SAGE Research Methods: Efficient Way to Do Research, Study or Teaching 
[EdUHK staff and students access only]
Last update: Apr 2019

Using Chinese Databases (中港台電子期刊數據庫) 
Last update: Jan 2018

Using Citation Databases to Explore Your Research Topic 
Last update: Nov 2019

Using Google Effectively for Academic Research
Last update: Oct 2019

Course Related Instruction Workshops

Library Workshop for ENG4901
Last update: Apr 2020

Library Workshop for BEd(SN)
Last update: Sep 2019

Library Workshop for HD(ECE)
Last update: Sep 2019

Remarks: All course related instruction materials will be removed at the end of the academic year.

Orientation Workshops for Staff

Introducing Library Services 
Last update: Sep 2020

Orientation Workshops for Student

Library Survival Guide for New Students
Last update: Sep 2020

Bachelor Degrees 
Last update: Jul 2020

Elder Academy 
Last update: Jul 2020

Higher Diploma 
Last update: Jul 2020

Postgraduate Degrees (Master's & Doctoral Degrees) 
Last update: Jul 2020

Postgraduate Diploma 
Last update: Jul 2020

Professional Development Programmes 
Last update: Jul 2020

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