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Date released: September 2021

Creators: Dr James Ko 高裕安博士 (Department of Education Policy and Leadership)

CARE Books - Creative Augmented Reality E-books for Language Learning

Date released: August 2021

Creators: Dr TAYLOR, Timothy William (Department of English Language Education)

小學體育科教材套 Primary school physical education teaching resources

Date released: July 2021

Creators: Dr TSE Choi Yeung Andy (Department of Health and Physical Education)

Augmented reality authoring with desktop and mobile devices

Date released: June 2021

Creators: Mr CHUI Chui Hin Leung Mike (Department of Mathematics and Information Technology)

Virtual fieldtrip about cultural heritage in Hong Kong

Date released: May 2021

Creators: Dr MA Kin Hang (Department of Social Sciences)

Creating Algorithm Music Compositions with Visual Programming Language

Date released: May 2021

Creators: Dr LEUNG Chi Hin (Department of Cultural and Creative Arts)

Approaches to teaching writing

Date released: April 2021

Creators: Dr ZOU Di (Department of English Language Education)

Virtual Field Trip: Taipingshan District Heritage Trail

Date released: March 2021

Creators: Dr KANG Jong Hyuk David (Department of Literature and Cultural Studies)