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A day in a crèche

Date released: December 2022

Creators: Dr SIU Tik Sze, Carrey (Department of Early Childhood Education)

Nature-based Learning

Date released: January 2022

Creators: Dr Hu Xinyun, Annie (Department of Early Childhood Education)

ICT pedagogical designs and practices in authentic local school contexts

Date released: November 2021

Creators: Dr FONG Wai Tsz Ricci (Department of Curriculum and Instruction)

Augmented reality authoring with desktop and mobile devices

Date released: June 2021

Creators: Mr CHUI Chui Hin Leung Mike (Department of Mathematics and Information Technology)

Virtual fieldtrip about cultural heritage in Hong Kong

Date released: May 2021

Creators: Dr MA Kin Hang (Department of Social Sciences)

Designing and Viewing 3D living design models with VR

Date released: December 2020

Creators: Dr SONG Min Jeong (Department of Cultural and Creative Arts)

E-learning materials for Hong Kong popular culture (gender-stereotyped issue and youth culture)

Date released: October 2020

Creators: Dr CHEUNG Hiu Yan, Alice (Department of Literature and Cultural Studies)

Preschool Gardening Project (學前教育機構的大自然環境設計學習資源套)

Date released: September 2020

Creators: Dr CHENG Yuen Ling 鄭婉玲博士 (Department of Early Childhood Education)