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Everyday English in Hong Kong

Date released: December 2020

Creators: CHAN Ka Yee Shirley (Centre for Language in Education)

Self-Made Videos: Learning by Having Fun

Date released: October 2020

Creators: Dr ZHOU Lulu (Department of Literature and Cultural Studies)

Draw in VR/AR [透過 AR (擴增實境) 和 VR (虛擬實境) 繪畫]

Date released: September 2020

Creators: Dr WONG So Lan (Department of Cultural and Creative Arts)

EAP Kingdom (English for Academic Purposes Kingdom)

Date released: September 2020

Creators: Ms LEE Ching Lam Jessica (Department of English Language Education)

朗誦的技巧 The Techniques of Recitation

Date released: May 2020

Creators: Prof SI Chung Mou (Department of Chinese Language Studies)