Vision & Mission


The Library will become the key venue and platform for learning, teaching, research and knowledge exchange of a leading university in the Asia Pacific region and beyond with a focus on educational research, development and innovation. The Library will achieve excellence in information resources, services and infrastructure. Through its innovation and utilization of all available resources, the Library will contribute to research, scholarship and professional development in Education and complementary disciplines.


The Library supports the University’s mission to lead educational innovation, and to promote and support the strategic development of teaching, teacher education and disciplines complementary to education by:

  • Providing a conducive environment for learning, teaching, research and knowledge exchange;
  • Organizing and providing quality information resources and services to support all academic programmes of the University, accessible by all staff and students, and extendable to alumni, the education sector and the community;
  • Facilitating the creation and transfer of new knowledge by members of the University;
  • Collaborating with academic and research libraries in Hong Kong, the Greater China region and overseas.
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