Future Classrooms

Jointly developed by Library, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, Estates Office and Office of the Chief Information Officer of EdUHK with professional inputs from academics of the University and education practitioners. Eight Future Classrooms have been constructed inside EdUHK’s Mong Man Wai Library between 2018 and 2021, all of which are tailored for future pedagogical models and needs as well as developments in the IT industry. The Future Classrooms will allow students and academic/teaching staff of EdUHK to experience innovative learning and teaching with the latest technologies in the years to come.

360 Video of Library Future Classroom Tour with VR elements

Design Principles

  • Serve as references for next generation classrooms in EdUHK as well as local secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens
  • Pedagogy-driven
  • Practical and cost-effective, not extremely expensive nor impractical to set up and operate
  • Support latest teaching development at least in the next decade
  • Not necessarily technology or IT based, should also demonstrate innovative pedagogy, flexible use of learning space, etc.
  • Flexible enough to support new and emerging pedagogical trends and educational technologies which may not even exist today, constant updating and upgrading is hence necessary

Standard Set Up

Most Future Classrooms are equipped with:

  • Moveable lectern with centralized AV control tablet
  • AV matrix system for multiple inputs and multiple outputs at 4K standard
  • Stereo sound system
  • One or more 4K projectors
  • Writeable projection walls
  • One or more large interactive 4K LCD panels
  • Lighting system with zoning function
  • 2-way PTZ 4K cameras and ceiling microphone arrays for online/hybrid teaching and video-recording
  • Wireless microphones
  • Moveable, foldable and/or stackable furniture

Creative Lab 創作坊

C-G/F-01B, 80m2, 30 seats

  • Pilot Future Classroom
  • VR, AR and media production and application facilities
  • 30 high-end notebooks

Creative Arts Room 創藝教室

C-1/F-01F, 150m2, 50 seats

  • Specially designed for creative arts
  • Flexible layout for different types of performing arts and visual arts activities
  • Professional audio-visual facilities for performance and recording
  • Surround sound system with digital sound processor supporting Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, etc. multi-channel audio-visual signals
  • Moveable hanging partitions for zoning and artworks display
  • Contains 3 special rooms: Music Studio, Visual Arts Studio and Control Room

Future Primary & Secondary Classroom 未來中小教室

C-1/F-01Q, 120m2, 40 seats

  • Designed for students at senior primary to junior secondary levels
  • Flexible layout for regular classes, grouping, individual work, performance, etc.
  • Moveable, foldable and stackable study desks and chairs, modular sofa sets
  • Writeable and moveable hanging partitions for display, writing and drawing
  • Multi-colour floor patterns facilitating grouping
  • Multiple moveable and flappable large interactive LCD displays which serve as both regular interactive displays and interactive tables

Future Early Childhood & Primary Classroom 未來幼小教室

C-1/F-01M, 120m2, 30 seats for young children

  • Designed for school children at kindergarten to junior primary levels with custom-made furniture for young children
  • Different lighting effects
  • Interactive floor for different floor-type interactive games and learning activities
  • Colourful floor patterns
  • Water sinks for playgroup activities
  • Sound-proof writeable partitions, can combine with Special Education Room to double the floor area

Special Education Room 特教坊

C-1/F-01N, 110m2, 30 seats

  • Specially designed for students with special education needs
  • Colourful floor patterns and water sinks
  • Induction loop system for hearing aids
  • Extra wide video projection for visual stimulations

e-Learning Studio 電子研習坊

C-2/F-01B, 150m2, 48 seats

  • Designed for classes by Library and other academic units
  • 48 notebook computers
  • 180-degree panoramic 4K camera
  • 30 : 9 extra wide video wall for online and hybrid teaching

Extended Reality Room 延展實境教室

C-2/F-01C, 140m2

  • One of the largest VR CAVEs in Hong Kong supporting 360-degree interactive 4-side and floor projection as well as surround sound system
  • Includes a VR Experience Area with VR treadmill and extra wide gaming station

STEM Room 創科教室

C-2/F-01D, 180m2, 55 seats

  • Designed for STEM classes, activities and competitions
  • 30 high-end notebooks
  • Ceiling-type power extension cords
  • Includes a Makerspace providing 13 stations with high-end notebooks, industrial and consumer level 3D printers, laser cutter and engraver
  • Handicraft tools
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