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update on 30 Jan 2024

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Through HKALL, eligible EdUHK Library users holding EdUHK Student Cards or Staff Cards can borrow books (excluding media and other non-book materials) from the other seven UGC institution libraries. Requests will be made online and the books will be delivered to the selected location for checkout.

Requesting and Borrowing Books via HKALL

What can be requested?

  • Eligible EdUHK Library users can request books (excluding serials, media and other non-print materials) with the status “AVAILABLE” in other HKALL libraries UNLESS the required books are already available in MMW Library’s Circulation Collection (i.e. “MMW Lib Book … Item in Place” as shown in iSearch).

How to make a request?

  • Conduct a search in iSearch.
  • If the desired book is not available or no record found in EdUHK Library, select “Beyond EdU: HKALL + ILL” in “Search Scope” menu and search again
  • Retrieve the desired item from “Beyond EdUL HKALL + ILL”, and sign in to MyLibrary to submit request

Please see user guide on “HKALL Request” (p.5).

What are the borrowing and returning procedures?

  • Requestors will be notified by e-mail when the requested books arrive.
  • Requestors will be given 5 days to pick up the requested books from the date of the notification. Books not picked up will be returned to the lending library without further notification to the requestors.
  • HKALL books can be returned to the Circulation Counter of MMW Library or Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Library.

HKALL Borrowing Rules

Eligible Users, Loan Quotas and Loan Periods

Eligible UsersHKALL
Loan Quota*
Loan Period
EdUHK Library users who hold EdUHK Staff Cards, and enjoy a loan quota of 80 items,i.e. Council MembersAcademic Staff and Administrative Staff of Equivalent Status30 books30 days
EdUHK Library users who hold EdUHK Student Cards, and enjoy a loan quota of 80 items, i.e. Postgraduate  Degree Students (e.g. EdD, MEd)15 books30 days
EdUHK Library users who hold EdUHK Student Cards or Staff Cards, and enjoy a loan quota of 50 items,
i.e. StudentsStaff other than Academic Staff and Administrative Staff of Equivalent Status
15 books15 days
* IMPORTANT: The HKALL loan quota of 30 or 15 books is included in the requestor’s EdUHK Library loan quota, e.g. a EdUHK BEd  student can only borrow 35 EdUHK Library items if he/she has already borrowed 15 books via HKALL.


  • Local users of a HKALL library cannot recall checked out books owned by other HKALL libraries. They can, however, recall books of their own libraries which are on loan to HKALL users from other institutions.
  • EdUHK Library users can hence recall EdUHK Library books on loan to other non-EdUHK HKALL users through iSearch at any time. Upon recall, the non-EdUHK borrowers will receive e-mail recall notices. The original due dates may be shortened though  the borrowers will be given a minimum use period of 15 days.
  • Similarly, local users of the lending libraries can recall their books on loan to EdUHK users via HKALL. EdUHK Library users may therefore receive e-mail recall notices requiring them to return the HKALL books on or before a new due date.


  • All loans with loan period of 30 or 15 days may be renewed up to 90 or 45 days unless a hold or a recall has been placed by a local user of the lending library.
  • EdUHK Library users can renew HKALL books online in “MyLibrary“, but subject to the lending library’s approval.
  • E-mail notification will be sent out. It is the borrowers’ responsibility to observe the new due dates shown in their library accounts.
  • Renewal is treated as a continuation of loan and thus the renewed book is subject to recall by a local user of the lending library at any time.

Overdue and Fines

  • Overdue notices will be sent via e-mail to the borrower when a HKALL book is overdue. Non-receipt of such notice will not be accepted as excuse for waiving or reducing overdue fines.
  • Overdue fines for each HKALL book are as follows:
Normal Overdue$2 per day or part thereofMax. fine * of $30 in 15 days
Overdue of Recalled Books$4 per day or part thereofMax. fine * of $60 in 15 days
* “Maximum Fine” will not apply to “lost”, “assumed lost” or “claimed returned” items which are later recovered and returned to the Library.
  • All borrowing privileges of the borrower will be suspended once a recalled book becomes overdue.
  • Once the maximum fine is reached, in addition to suspension of borrowing privileges, the book will be assumed lost by the borrower.

Loss and Damage of HKALL Books

  • It is the borrowers’ responsibility to take good care of HKALL books borrowed from other libraries.
  • HKALL books should not be taken overseas without prior permission from the lending libraries.
  • Borrowers will have to pay fines for HKALL books damaged or lost (including assumed lost books) when on loan to them according to the book replacement and penalty policies of the lending libraries.

Enquiry and Assistance

Please contact Library Circulation Counter at 2948 6658 or email libcir@eduhk.hk for enquiries.

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