ORCID Registration Service for EdUHK Staff

The EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service is intended to help EdUHK researchers automatically update their ORCID publication list. By registering with the EdUHK Library, EdUHK researchers can upload their research outputs from the EdUHK Research Repository directly to ORCID and create a new ORCID iD during the process if they do not already have an ORCID iD.

To register for this service, you may either make an appointment to register in person or follow the self-registration guideline to register online:

What is ORCID?

ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  It is designed to be a life-long unique ID that connects you to your research contributions and affiliations.  It is widely accepted, and more and more funders and publishers use ORCID iDs to streamline the fund application and manuscript submission process.

For further information, check out the following ORCID pages:

ORCID Home Page (FAQHelp)

What is ORCID?

A 5-minute video introduction to ORCID

How does ORCID benefit me?

Watch the video “Why ORCID”  to learn how your ORCID iD

  • distinguishes you and ensures your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you
  • reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliations
  • reduces form-filling (enter data once, re-use it often)
  • improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputs
  • is interoperable (works with many institutions, funders and publishers)
  • is persistent (enduring)

EdUHK researchers who register their ORCID iDs with the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service will have their research outputs in their ORCID profile automatically updated by the Library.  In return, ORCID iDs will allow the new EdUHK Research Repository on Pure platform to harvest EdUHK colleagues’ research outputs more accurately and comprehensively.  In addition, there will be a new Pure-RICH interface for EdUHK researchers to upload their Pure data easily onto RICH for CDCF and RAE submissions.

Who should use the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service?

ALL EdUHK Researchers:
  1. EdUHK Researchers previously registered to the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service
    If you have already registered for the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service, you need to register again because the EdUHK Research Repository is migrating to the new Pure platform.  Authorization must be granted via Pure in order for the Library to continue to automatically update your ORCID research output profile.
  2. EdUHK Researchers with an ORCID iD but have not previously registered to the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service
    If you already have your ORCID iD, you should register for the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service and start enjoying care-free automatic update of your ORCID research profile.
  3. EdUHK Researchers with no ORCID iD
    If you don’t have an ORCID iD, register for the EdUHK Library ORCID Registration Service to create your ORCID iD. Your research outputs will be imported to your new ORCID profile and you can enjoy care-free automatic update of your ORCID research profile in the future.

Enquiry and Assistance

Should you need further information on ORCID and the registration process, please feel free to contact our Information Counter at 2948 6653 or e-mail libinfo@eduhk.hk.

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