C-2/F-01D, MMW Library

STEM Room is located on 2/F of MMW Library with state-of-the-art equipment for STEM education.   It also includes a Makerspace for EdUHK students to socialize and collaborate in DIY and creative activities.  STEM Room is a centrally time-tabled classroom which can be booked by academic and teaching staff via iBooking.  EdUHK students and/or staff can also make use of workbenches, designated high-end notebooks, 3D printers and laser cutter provided in the Makerspace when no classes are in session and by advance booking with the Library. If there is no classes, it will be opened to all users.


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Eligibility of Booking

Workbenches: EdUHK students
Workstations in Makerspace: EdUHK students and staff

Seating Capacity

Workbenches: 6 seats
Workstations in Makerspace: 1 seat

Length of Booking Session

2 hours

Compulsory Check In Time

Check in on site within 15 minutes after the start of each session. For continuous booking, check in is required for each session.

Booking Quota

No more than 6 active or booked sessions of any library facilities at the same time.

Period of Advance Booking

7 days in advance

Equipment Provided:

  • One 4K projector
  • Two 4K 86” interactive LCD panels
  • Ceiling-mount microphone-arrays and pan–tilt–zoom cameras for online and remote teaching
  • Touch tablet for central control of audio-visual facilities and lighting
  • Seven 6-seat workbenches
  • Seven 3D printers in Makerspace (5 for class teaching, 2 for EdUHK students and staff)  
  • One laser cutter/engraver in Makerspace
  • 43 high-end notebooks (30 for classroom use; 13  in Makerspace)
  • Writeable projection walls
  • Two A4 Pen tablets (Please contact Circulation Counter for loan)

Tools Provided:

  • Four Cutting Mats (600 x 450 x 3mm; 450 x 300 x 3mm)
  • Two A3 LED lightbox drawing tracing boards
  • Two Steel Rulers 450mm (18 inch)
  • Wimborne Table Easel, Canvas  (50 cm Height)
  • Three Table Easel with Drawing Boards
  • Two A4 Pen tablets (Please contact Circulation Counter for loan)

Other tool sets for handicraft works

Click here to see a list of tool sets for handicraft works. (Please contact Circulation Counter for loan)

  • Embossing Tools Set (4 Set)
  • Black Tweezer 
  • Silver Tweezer 
  • Fiskars Hand Punch (5/16” Tree)
  • Fiskars Hand Punch (Music Note)
  • GT Plier
  • Needle Jump Pliers
  • Leather Hole Punch
  • Craft Ring
  • Portable Hot Glue Gun and Hot Melt Glue Stick
  • Jingoro Woodcarving tools (4 box) 
  • Plywood Modelling Board (Size: 225 x 300 x 5mm)
  • Bench Hook Hardwood (Size: 140 x 220mm)
  • Extension Power Cord

Opening Hours

STEM Room is open for use when the MMW Library is open. Please visit here for library opening hours.

General Rules for Using STEM Room

  1. STEM Room is not a Quiet Zone.  Discussion and collaborative works are welcome.
  2. Booking of STEM Room individual facilities when no classes are in session:
    1. Designated high-end notebooks in Makerspace are available for booking by EdUHK students and staff.  Workbenches are available for booking by EdUHK students only.
    2. Bookings cannot be transferred to other eligible users.
    3. Compulsory check-in time: Check in on-site within 15 minutes after the start of each session.  Otherwise booking will be cancelled automatically.
  3. No food is allowed in the STEM Room.
  4. Non-educational activities including but not limited to cryptocurrency mining are not allowed.
  5. No equipment or tools should be taken out of STEM Room.
  6. Mobile phones must be set to silent mode.
  7. Disruptive behaviour is not allowed.
  8. Activities and materials which may generate loud noise, excessive smell, smoke, dust, vapour or any other substance which may be hazardous to safety and health are not allowed.
  9. Furniture and equipment moved around should be restored properly at the end of the booked session.
  10. Personal belongings must not be left in STEM Room unattended.  The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings, including artifacts, artworks, completed or unfinished 3D print jobs, and any other items left inside STEM Room.  Unattended items may be removed by Library Staff and will be disposed of after 7 days.
  11. Users should turn off equipment which is not in use.
  12. Users must clean up the workbenches, stations, equipment, tools and the sink when finish using.
  13. Mutilation and theft of equipment, tools and materials provided in STEM Room is a serious offence and will result in disciplinary actions.  The case may also be reported to the Police.
  14. Users use STEM Room facilities and equipment at their own risk.  The Library will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulted.

Enquiry and Assistance

Please contact Library Circulation Counter at 2948 6658 or email for assistance.
For other arrangements such as notebook PCs to be arranged for classes, please state in the “Remarks” during application via iBooking system and contact Library System Support staff at email / call 2948 6661 beforehand to discuss prior arrangements.

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