Scribd E-Reader Lending Service

The Scribd E-Reader Lending Service is to lend out e-readers for unlimited access to half a million e-books on Scribd subscribed by the Library.


All EdUHK Students, Staff, Alumni and Library Borrowers under Categories A, B and C as described in Library Regulations 4.2.

Loan Period

14 days (reduced to 7 days if there are other users waiting)


Maximum Loan Period after Renewals: 56 days

Availability Checking or Placing a Hold

Search for Scribd in iSearch

What e-books are availalbe on Scribd?

These e-readers provide you with access to half a million e-books on Scribd. Go to and you can browse or search for your favorite books and authors.

For Assistance

Read the Quick Guides for for accessing Scribd on Samsung Tablet online.     Please Call us at 29486653 or Email if you have further enquires.

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