Article Alert

Alerts keep you up-to-date with new articles on the topics that you are interested.  By subscribing to the Alert Service, staff and students will receive notifications regularly of newly published journal articles on specific topics. The alert notifications will be generated automatically by major e-databases subscribed by the Library.

Library users can simply click (RSS) to subscribe the feed, or if you want to receive the alert by email monthly, please click here to subscribe to the article alert by email.

How to subscribe article alert via RSS?

You can choose and download a RSS Reader. But the easiest way to begin is to subscribe a RSS feed using your Internet browser like the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Alert Profiles

Other than the above profiles, you can suggest us by e-mail ( to add other topics that may also be interested by other users.

In addition, academic staff are also welcome to use our SDI Service so that we will construct a well-focused search for a tailor-made profile according to your personal search criteria. Please contact the Academic and Learning Support Section at 2948-6653 for further information or submit your SDI request.

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