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Directory of Financial Regulators 2016 HG1725 .D57 2016
Understanding China's economic indicators : translating the data into investment opportunities HC427.95 .O75 2015
The tiger that lost its roar : a tale of Malaysia's political economy HC445.5 .P83 2011
"Content marketing內容的力量 : 不販賣商品! 用""內容行銷""讓客人自己找上門!" HF5415.127 .M863127 2015
人民币国际化和产品创新 = Internationalization & products innovation HG1285 .Z436 2014
央行调研 : 探索与思考 HG3336 .Y36 2013
"金融霸權的誘惑 : 買下全世界後, 中國夢的下一步會在哪裡?" HG187.C6 M49127 2016
资产证券化 : 国际借鉴与中国实践案例 = Asset securitization: practical cases in China HG4028.A84 Z75 2014
中国资本市场 : 2011-2020 : 关于未来10年发展战略的研究 HG5782 .Z5673 2012
利率市场化的全球经验 = Interest rate liberalization HB539 .L535 2012
華爾街的猴戲 : 闖蕩華爾街金融叢林 = Monkey business : swinging through the Wall Street jungle HG4928.5 .R655127 2009
Key strategy tools : the 80 tools for every manager to build a winning strategy HD30.28 .E934 2013
The Japanese mind : understanding contemporary Japanese culture DS830 .J37 2002
巴塞尔资本协议III的实施 : 基于金融结构的视角 = Implementation of Basel III: based on the perspective of financial structure HG3881 .B25 2014
簡單思考 : 森川亮首度公開網路時代成功術 HD9696.8.J34 L566127 2015
中国抉择 : 人民币汇率与国际化战略 = China's choice : strategies for RMB exchange rate and internationalization HG3978 .W4525 2012
再造央行 4.0 : 新常态下的中国金融改革顶层设计 = Reforging the Central Bank : the top-level design of the Chinese financial system in the new normal HG3336 .D46 2015
中国经济史 HC427 .Q424 2013
"Guide to country risk : how to identify, manage and mitigate the risks of doing business across borders" HG4538 .T65 2014
第一排 : 中国金融改革的近距离思考 = China's financial reforms : through eyes of a front-bencher HG187.C6 S83 2012
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