Interlibrary Loan

Requesting Journal Articles or Books from Other Libraries.

All full-time and part-time EdUHK students and staff are eligible to use this service.


The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery Services (DDS) are provided in accordance with the
Hong Kong Copyright Ordinance
. Requests that do not comply with applicable copyright laws and regulations cannot be processed.

Enquiries / Comments

For enquiries, please call on 2948-6641 or email to


Useful Information for Interlibrary Loan (ILL), Document Delivery Services (DDS), RAPID & ILLiad

The Library has introduced a range of information services to support the research activities at EdUHK. Students and staff can obtain materials which are not available in the EdUHK Library via our enhanced Inter-library Loan (ILL – for books) and Document Delivery Services (DDS – for book chapters and journal articles). The Library (along with seven other UGC libraries) has joined the RAPID Consortium, which enables us to request electronic copies of book chapters and articles from over a hundred North American academic libraries at no direct cost. RAPID allows you to place requests for book chapters and articles directly from ILLiad, our online ILL/DDS system, or our electronic databases, and to receive electronic copies of the requested item via your email. All libraries in the consortium are committed to supplying you with the item within 24 hours of receiving the request. In addition, the Library has entered into a number of inter-library loan and document delivery service agreements with academic libraries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau to expand the range of information resources in education which are also available to you at no cost.

ILLiad is the Library’s electronic ILL/DDS system to which you can submit ILL or DDS requests.  It stands for Inter-LibraryLoan internet accessible database.

* Before making an Inter-library Loan request, please check the availability of the required item at our iSearch and HKALL.

Who is eligible to use ILL or DDS?

All full-time and part-time EdUHK students and staff are eligible to use the ILL/DDS services, but with different levels of privileges.

What are the Levels of Privileges?

User GroupJULAC
Local & Regional
Overseas ILL and DDS
From Paid Sources
Academic Staff & Non-academic Staff of Equivalent StatusEligibleEligibleEligible Quota may apply
Eligible 3 requests per year for Urgent Article Request
Postgraduate Degree Students
e.g. PhD, EdD, MEd
Quota may apply
Postgraduate Non-degree Students
e.g. PGDE
Final Year Undergraduate Degree StudentsEligibleEligible
Other Non-academic StaffEligibleEligible
Other Undergraduate Degree / Credit-bearing Programme StudentsEligible

* RAPID membership includes all JULAC libraries and academic libraries in North America

What kinds of materials are available?

  • Photocopies of book chapters / journal articles
    • Requests will be sent via “RAPID”. If the book or journal is not available from RAPID, the request will be redirected to the other potential sources.
  • Urgent request for a journal article (EdUHK academic staff & non-academic staff with equivalent status only)
    • Eligible staff can make up to 3 applications for urgent delivery of journal articles.
  • Books
    • The Library normally borrows books from local libraries. If the book is not available locally but still in print, the request will be passed on to Collection Development Section for consideration of purchase. Requests for overseas ILL books will be entertained for Academic Staff & Non-academic Staff of Equivalent Status and Postgraduate Degree Students only.
  • Theses/Dissertations
    • In general, theses and dissertations are not available for inter-library loans.

Which software is required?

All you need are a web browser and an Acrobat Reader.

What if I get my ILLiad Account blocked?

  • You must return your Inter-library loan on or before the due date. Overdue notices will be sent to you if you failed to return the item by the due date. If you still do not return your loan after the 3rd overdue notice, your ILLiad account will be blocked. To remove the block, you must return all overdue items.
  • Lending libraries may charge fines for late returns of their items. Non-receipt of overdue notice cannot be used as excuse for waiving fines.
  • For enquiries, please call on 2948-6641 or email to

How do I submit requests?

Click here for a user guide.

Eligible users may submit online requests through ILLiad from the Library Website.

  • Logon to ILLiad. Under the pull down menu of  “New Requests”, select the appropriate type of request.  Enter as much information about the item you are requesting as possible. All “required” fields must be filled.
  • After entering all the information, press the “Submit Request” button.
  • If you realize that a mistake has been made after submitting a request, see ‘How do I view / modify a request?’ below.

Please try your best to provide complete and accurate information when filling out the request.

How do I logon to ILLiad?

  • Go to Interlibrary Loan webpages.
  • Click on the “Logon to ILLiad” button to enter the system.
  • Enter your network Username and Password.

How long does it take to fill a request?

Materials TypeLocalOverseas
Book Chapters/Articles24 hours – 3 days24 hours – 3 days
Books1 week2 weeks – 5 weeks

How do I view / modify a request?

  • Logon to ILLiad. Under “Outstanding Requests”, select the appropriate request and click “Details” to display a detailed information page.
  • From here you may edit the request by changing information or providing additional information.
  • Press the “Edit Request” button. Enter additional information in the appropriate fields.
  • Press the  “Submit Request” button.
  • A request cannot be edited after we have sent it out to a lending library.

How do I cancel a request?

It is your responsibility to cancel a request if you no longer need it. No cancellation is possible after the order has been placed with the lending library / document supplier.

How do I resubmit a cancelled request?

Requests cancelled by Inter-library Loan staff or by yourself can be resubmitted if more information about them have been found.

  • To do so, logon to ILLiad. Under the pull down menu of “History”, select “Cancelled Requests”.
  • Select the appropriate request and click “Details” to display a detailed information page.
  • Press the “Clone Request” button and a request form will open with previous information of that request. Edit whatever is necessary, then press the “Submit Request” button.
  • The Main Menu will then reappear displaying a message confirming that your request has been submitted successfully.

How do I renew an ILL book?

  • Logon to ILLiad. Press the button “View/Renew Checked out Items”.
  • Select the item that you wish to renew by pressing the appropriate transaction number button to the left. You will then see detailed information about that request.
  • Next press the “Renewal Request” button.
  • You cannot renew an item more than 4 days before it is due.
  • After checking with the lending library, we will notify you by email if renewal is successful. If it is, we will inform you the new due date.
  • If you are told that renewal is not granted by the lending library, please return the item on time.

Where should I collect the requested materials?

  • For photocopying requests, majority of them will be notified by e-mail to download the PDF file from ILLiad. For requested items supplied in photocopies only (usually from some overseas sources), they will be sent to the requesting staff through inter-departmental mail. Students are required to collect requested photocopying items at the specified library counter. Please see the following points for details.
  • The default pick up location for ILL books or photocopies of journal articles / book chapters is MMW Library. If the requestor would like to pick up the items at Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Library, they can specify “TKO” as the pick up location in the Notes field of ILLiad.
  • Upon arrival of the requested book or photocopies, requestor will be notified by e-mail. The requested book should be picked up in person at Circulation Counter of MMW Library / Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Library. The requestor must sign for receipt when he/she picks up the requested book.
  • The requested book will be available for pick up for 7 days, after which the book will be returned to the lending library.

Where should I return the ILL books?

  • All book loans must be returned to the Circulation Counter of MMW Library / Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Library. The requestor will be held responsible for any overdue fines, damage or loss of books borrowed on his/her behalf.
  • Failure to compile with the due date may cause denial of further ILL requests.

*Do not return your ILL books by inter-campus mail or book-drop*

Whom should I contact if I have problems / enquiries about ILL, DDS or ILLiad?

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