Departmental Librarians

Communication Between Library and Departments

Library Liaison Officers

The Library Liaison Officers (LLOs) serve as the main contact between Departments/Centres and the Library. They are responsible for monitoring book fund expenditure, as well as endorsing purchase of library materials from the departmental book fund (with the exception of expensive items which must be approved by the Head of Department).

Departmental Librarians

To better communicate with academic departments, Information Services Librarians will also serve as Departmental Librarians. Their major responsibilities include liaising with LLOs, and attending Departmental Library Committees. Departmental Librarians for this academic year are:

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS)

Departments/CentresDepartmental LibrarianTel. No.E-mail Address
Department of Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA)Ms WENG
Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE)Ms KWOK Pui Kwan
Department of Mathematics and Information Technology (MIT)Mr CHUI Wai Lung
Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES)Ms WONG Ka Yan
Department of Social Sciences and Policy Studies (SSPS)Mr LI Cheuk Wai

Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD)

Departments/CentresDepartmental LibrarianTel. No.E-mail Address
Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)Ms YIU Yee Hang
Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE)Ms YIU Yee Hang
Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL)Ms IP Pui Chung
Department of International Education (IE)Mr HAU Hork Koag
Department of Psychology (PS)Dr CHAN Shue Leung
Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC)Mr TAM Keung Kit

Faculty of Humanities (FHM)

Departments/CentresDepartmental LibrarianTel. No.E-mail Address
Centre for Language in Education (CLE)Mr TAM Keung Kit
Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL)Ms WONG Ka Yan
Department of English Language Education (ELE)Mr CHICK Siu
Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies (LML)Vacant
Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS)Mr CHICK Siu

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