Submit a 3D Printing or Laser Cutting/Engraving Request

Note: a unique print job ID will be assigned to each request. Use this print job ID for payment, status tracking and pick up.

Eligibility of Usage

EdUHK Students and Staff only


3D printing$20 base charge plus a material charge of $1 per gram.For example, an object of 15g will cost $35 ($20 base charge + $15 material charge)
Laser cutting and engravingMaterial provided by the Library for cutting or engraving:
– 2.5mm thick acrylic sheet
– 3 mm plywood
Unit charge $25 per quarter sheet (250mm x 150 mm) or part thereof. $100 for one whole acrylic sheet (500mm x 300mm).
Unit charge $10 per quarter sheet (225mm x 150mm) or part thereof. $40 for one whole plywood sheet ( 450 mm x 300mm).
Each acrylic /plywood sheet can be divided into four quarters.

Acceptable File Formats

Jobs must be submitted online in acceptable file formats. Files larger than 10 MB should be uploaded to Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive according to instructions stated in the online submission form.

FacilitiesAcceptable File Formats
3D printingSTL
Laser cutting and engravingGIF, JPG, PNG, PDF

– Image resolution at 150 dpi or above is recommended
– Colour mode: RGB

Submission and Notification

1. Only limited jobs can be processed each day. Jobs submitted after the daily job quota is reached will be put on the waiting list.

2. Library staff will check the files submitted and notification will be sent by email:

Application statusRemarks
SuccessfulFile is checked OK. Payment instructions will be provided.
Waiting listFile is checked OK but job will be delayed because daily job quota has been reached. Notification will be sent to applicant when the job is ready for printing; and applicant can also track the waiting list status online.
UnsuccessfulThe job is rejected because of technical issues, copyright infringement or other reasons. Applicant may revise the file and resubmit.

3. Applications are processed twice a day from Monday to Friday (working days only):

For jobs submittedNotification will be sent byPayment should be made byOutput will be ready by
Before 10 am11 am on the same day11 am on the second day11 am on the third day
10 am – 2 pm3 pm on the same day3 pm on the second day3 pm on the third day
After 2 pm11 am on the second day11 am on the third day11 am on the fourth day

Payment and Output Collection

  1. Payment can be made at the Circulation Counter of Mong Man Wai Library or at the Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Library. If payment is not made in time, the job may be cancelled or put on the waiting list until payment is made.
  2. Outputs should be picked up at the Circulation Counter of Mong Man Wai Library. Outputs that are not collected within 7 days may be disposed by the Library and no refund will be made.

Important Remarks

  1. Actual time required to print a 3D object depends on its complexity. Library staff will contact the applicant if there is any delay.
  2. Applicants must make sure that the job output will not infringe any copyright or intellectual property right, and they will be held full responsibilities of any infringement.

Enquiry and Assistance

Please contact Library System Services via email at or call at 29486661 for assistance.

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