Drone (Dji Mini 3 Pro)

With effective from 1 June 2022, the Government introduced a subsidiary legislation, the Small Unmanned Aircraft Order (SUA Order), under the Civil Aviation Ordinance (Cap. 448). All remote pilots and responsible persons (e.g. owners, operators etc) are encouraged to get prepared for upcoming legal requirements such as registration, labelling, awareness/training, insurance, CAD’s prior permissions etc. Borrower is advised to read the details in Civil Aviation Department’s webpage (https://www.cad.gov.hk/english/sua.html).

Notes to Borrower of Drone

  1. The borrower of drone must follow strictly the guidelines on “Safety in Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Flying” provided by the Civil Aviation Department of the HKSAR Government.
    “Recklessly or negligently causing or permitting a model aircraft to endanger any person or property is liable to prosecution.”
  2. DO NOT:
    • Fly over populated and congested area
    • Fly over or close to any object or facility which will cause safety risk by the drone
    • Fly into airport areas or aircraft paths
    • Fly beyond 300 feet (90 metres) above ground level.
  3. All operations must be for recreational purpose only and not for reward.
  4. Fly during daylight hours only.
  5. Drone flights are not allowed on EdUHK Campus.
  6. The borrower must read carefully the drone user manual and follow all instructions provided in the manual.
  7. The borrower must register as a remote pilot on the eSUA platform.
  8. The borrower must attend a briefing session on “Using Small Unmanned Aircraft” or fulfilled other related requirements, and complete a test.
  9. The borrower must follow the Library’s instructions on keeping flight logs.
  10. The borrower must sign an undertaking at the Circulation Counter.
  11. Advanced booking is required. .


  1. Shoulder carry bag
  2. DJI Mini 3 Pro (with Gimbal Protection)
  3. Two-way charging station
  4. 3x Intelligent Flight Battery
  5. USB-C Connection Cable
  6. Remote Controller (with 2x Joysticks)
  7. Quick Start Manual
  8. SD Card UHS-1 U3 128GB for 4K

Enquiry and Assistance

Please contact our colleague at 2948 6661 or email libtech@eduhk.hk for details and assistance in advance.

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