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Contains titles on everything from African History, Economics, and French Literature to Solar Energy, Public Health, and materials published in more than 400 languages. The digital library of 18+ million digitized items brings together the collections of more than 60 academic and research libraries from across North America and other countries.

Note: Login is required to download an entire work that have download restrictions, please use your EdUHK network user name and password.

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Coverage: 1776–1928

Provides both academics and students with an in depth research tool for studying the long 19th Century through thematic collections in areas such as Feminism, the History of Economic Thought, Romanticism and Empire. It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays.

Coverage: 2010+

Contains abstracts, tables of contents, and full texts (since 2004) of all HKBU M.Phil. and Ph.D. theses, plus a number of dissertations of students enrolled in taught postgraduate programs, with the earliest thesis dating back to 1991. Full texts are also available for open access for theses submitted to the Graduate School after September 2013.

Coverage: 1994+

HKUST Electronic Theses contains full images of the doctoral dissertations and master’s theses of her postgraduate students. Some are publicly available, while others are accessible only to HKUST members.

Coverage: Varies

It is an annotated bibliography which indexes any research publication related to education and related topics in Hong Kong. Covers books or book chapters, articles from periodicals, dissertations or theses, conference papers, research reports and any other related materials.

The Hong Kong Education Image Database is jointly developed by the Hong Kong Museum of Education (HKME) and The Education University of Hong Kong Library (EdUHK Library). Items included in this Database originate from the collections of The Education University of Hong Kong, the former Teacher Training Colleges (The Northcote College of Education, Rural Training College, Grantham College of Education, Sir Robert Black College of Education, Hong Kong Technical Teachers’ College and Institute of Language in Education) as well as from donations and private sources

Coverage: 1842 -1941

Free resource – Hong Kong Government Reports Online (HKGRO) is a full-text image database providing online access to pre-World War II issues of four major government publications, namely, Administrative Report, Hong Kong Sessional Papers, Hong Kong Hansard and Hong Kong Government Gazette. It contains a wide range of information, such as official notifications, proceedings of the Legislative Council, statistics, and reports of government departments and special committees, which are essential to students and scholars in conducting research on Hong Kong.

Coverage: 1840s - 1990s

Free resource – The Hong Kong Image Database is a digital collection of historical images documenting the Hong Kong experience from the 1840s through to the 1990s. The Database features a wealth of images of Hong Kong, including people, landscapes, infrastructures, villages, agriculture and fisheries activities, industrial settings, housing, buildings, panoramas, and more. Currently the collection contains more than 5,000 images scanned from a variety of resources collected by Special Collections of the University of Hong Kong Libraries, including photographic prints, slides, negatives, and print publications.

Coverage: 1872 +

Provides access to selected academic and professional journals, both in English and Chinese, published in Hong Kong. Titles included in this database cover a wide range of disciplines including law, medicine and education.

Coverage: 1941+

Contains almost all theses and dissertations submitted for higher degrees to the University of Hong Kong since 1941. Full-text is available for the majority of theses.

Coverage: 1941 - 1945

The Hongkong News offers scholars the undiluted voice and mindset of the Japanese administration of occupied Hong Kong from New Year 1941 to mid-August 1945.  This significant Japanese Occupation holding of the Hongkong News started publication on 31st December 1941, six days after the Christmas Day surrender of the British Crown Colony, and lasted until 17th August 1945, the day the Imperial Rescript ordered Japanese forces to surrender to the Allies.  Hongkong News traces Japan’s progress from Hongkong’s Imperial overlord to abject surrender, through large-scale internment and assurances of certain victory.

This collection includes 5,000+ pages, available as full-text searchable.

(A note on coverage by Brill: this collection begins with volume 30. The first 29 volumes of the Hongkong News in all probability do not exist anymore, or never even existed in the first place)

Coverage: 1920 -1929

The Hongkong Weekly Press is exclusively on Brill for the period of 1920-1929. The available years of this important serial through Brill cover a series of watershed incidents and periods of unrest in then-British Hongkong’s modern history.

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